Thursday, August 28, 2014

Flashback Friday: Bible Camp Round 2


We headed to bible camp on Friday. It was only a 3 hour drive, but we needed to kill time. We weren't suppose to arrive until after 7 pm.  So, we went to a movie on our way.  The timing worked out perfectly!

Movie time!  Apparently, I'm the only one that thought wearing the glasses would be cool for the pictures.

Back on the road!


Our clock was still on Idaho time, so it was 7:09 when we arrived.  Nice!


The food at camp was yummy, all week long.

The bread was so good.  I was residually miserable all week. I imagine this is where bulimia begins, being unpleasantly full, but having access to such amazing food. There was food every hour, I swear. It was breakfast, snack, snack, lunch, snack, snack, dinner, snack, bed, repeat.

Getting ready for the musical!  It's still in "rough draft" mode, but this was the debut.  You can see how we used what was on hand to make a "stage".

This was "backstage".  There were 3 acting parts and a choir.  I had an acting role.  During a few of the songs we were "off stage", so we just crammed ourselves behind these stacked tables.  There aren't any pictures because I was on stage. Doug got a front row seat with the kids and I was terrified they would cry and want to come sit in my lap.  They behaved so well. Kora fell asleep about halfway through and Kees was quiet and attentive. Such a proud Momma!  It was a 90 minute show.


We had a guest speaker teach on the book of James.  It was great stuff, hard to process it all, but so, so good.  He was a great speaker and had lots of practical application.

The camp has a gym, both our kids loved playing in there.

I need to frame this one, I love it so much!

E got me! I'm skilled at selfies, no?

Ah, their web.

View from our window.

Waiting for dinner.

They both fell asleep at dinner.  They were in class all morning and played all afternoon.  By dinner time, they were so tired.

We transferred them to bed, then headed to a meeting.  They slept through the whole thing!  Our room was really close to the meeting area, so it was easy to go check on them.
Sunset view out our window.


Doug is a pro at roasting marshmallows.  I'm spoiled.

Doug had marshmallow in his beard and all over his fingers, so funny!

Doug and company, preparing a hilarious skit.  I laughed so hard I cried.  I wish I had video taped it.


More food, ugh, okay, okay, I'll eat.

I coordinated my mug to my shirt.  Notice Kora and Kees are wearing gray, black, and white as well. It's a condition I have, matchy-match syndrome.

During one of our meetings, I looked over and saw Doug warming his hands by a fake fire he made on his computer.  I wonder how long he was doing this before I noticed. Needless to say, I cracked up!

After our morning session, I walked out and saw the kids getting drinks.  Look, Kees is just one of the gang.  And this momma sighs a HUGE sigh of relief.  Do Stepford children exist? I'm staring worry.

Doug went to play frisbee golf with Alan, so the kids and I headed down for a canoe ride. I got a little nervous when I realized that our boat was full of women and children, plus one teenage boy.  But we rocked that baby!  It was fun, and only slightly nerve-racking, Kora kept wanted me to "let go" of her.  Yeah, not in this lifetime dear.

Doug met us for the second canoe ride, but I didn't get any pictures. After we got back to shore, the kids wanted to put their feet in the water.

Coley had a Texas Longhorn shirt on. Doug pointed it out to me, and I said, "Does he even know what that means?"  He didn't.  He had no clue.  Good thing, that means we can still be friend. ;)

Ginormous pudding, cake, candy bar, whip cream concoction.   I gained weight just taking this picture.

Kora fought it a while, but fell asleep at dinner again.

Kees never fell all the way asleep, but he was tired too.

The slowest anyone has ever walked up a flight of stairs, EVER!

She slept right through a diaper change, poor thing.


Getting a tour of how to set up GoodSeed display tables.  This is the most genius idea ever.  When we were traveling, we were always hunting through stuff, how come we never thought of putting them in boxes underneath, like shelving! Seriously, genius!

Maybe this will stimulate hair growth, or erase brain cells.

Doug yawning, money shot!

Communion.  I have a beef about this, I missed my favorite song ever, "In Christ Alone", during the morning session.  I was late because I was still getting the tour of the GoodSeed tables downstair.  COMPLETELY out of my control, right?  So I BEGGED them to sing it for me at communion.  They didn't.  So sad.  Now I'm gonna have to play it on a loop, you should too.  Here's a link.  Now, don't you think this is the PERFECT communion song.  I think I need to get a petition going!
Star gazing!


Time to go home.  Sadness!  We had breakfast an hour earlier than usual, so we just left the kids sleeping.

On the road, did I mention SADNESS!

VULCAN, Alberta!


Kora makes some of the best facial expressions, she always has us laughing.

Lunch stop.

Trying to get pictures. "The sun is melting me!"

There was a really neat candy store, so I bought the kids "Kinder Surprise" egg. You can read about them here. They are basically a hollow candy egg, the inside has a plastic tube, that has a toy in it.

Trying to get the mountain behind them.

I bought Doug some Dr. Pepper twizzlers, they weren't good.

Opening the eggs!

A car!!!

I bought myself this creme brûlée chocolate.  I'm saving it for a special occasion, like when my kids are acting like nutters, and I need chocolate to cope with the insanity.

Kora spends hours of her little life breaking crayons and peeling the paper off.  And I let her, judge away, but she's so focused, for so long.
Hmmm, Lordco?

Doug's poutine from Smitty's was subpar, at best. The cheese curds were still frozen.  I discovered McDonald's in Canada has poutine.  Doug was so happy, and he thought it was delicious.  Again, it's fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds.  Sounds disgusting to me, of course Doug would like it.

I got fries for the kids, NO KETCHUP CANADA???  But I do love the tiny Canadian maple leaf in the M, but it doesn't make up for NO KETCHUP!!

Trying to quiet down.

Such amazing scenery, it was a beautiful drive!

Kora hoarding fries, she's got a fist full.

Getting ready to cross the boarder.

Finally on the US side!

She fell asleep with this chip in her mouth. By the time I snapped the picture it had drifted down a little.

When Kora gets tired, and fussy, she likes me to squeeze and rock her foot.  Works like a charm!

Kees never needs coaxing to sleep. He loves to sleep!

Almost home, we stopped to get gas, and they had their soap in a mustard squirter. Huh?

We're home, we're home, we're home!

After we got home, I spent 20 minutes cleaning the van, to make sure everything got brought up to our apartment.  Then I started laundry and went grocery shopping.  When I got back home, I wrote two blogs and went to bed. Full and fabulous day in my book!


We get to have Thai food at the office on Friday. So I made an Asian Market run.  I have to cross state lines. Spokane is just 30 minutes away, but crossing state lines makes it sound more dramatic.

I decided to try out a second Asian Market, not worth the extra miles, or the insane traffic. Less selection on the stuff I wanted, and higher prices.  I won't go back unless the other market is completely out of something I need.  But it was all worth it, because check out the donut shop next door!!!

On our way home.

I stopped for happy hour, and I couldn't refuse the fried pickles that were calling my name.  I also bought a 10 lb bag of ice for our lunch tomorrow.

Doug used the fresh basil and krapow!  It was so good.

After Doug fried up some rice for tomorrow's lunch, I made two batches of curry, and some stir fried curry veggies.  Can't wait to eat it all tomorrow.