Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Grabber

Day 209 (Saturday 10-19):

My babies finally came back to me. But first, they played at the mechanic shop, while the van was getting fixed.  I made some pork chops for dinner.  Mamaw was happy when the kids got back too. This was also the day Kora figured out how to worm out of her pajamas.

Doug said the kids were crazy and Kora was licking everything in sight.

These were yummy, but a little on the salty side for me. I'd do less ranch next time.

Tried to warm up a hamburger for Mamaw.

Look what I can do!

She was proud of herself

Day 210 (Sunday 10-20):

CHURCH in Paden.

When we got home from church in the evening, I let the kids do my make up...it looked like this...
Kora loves cats, she kept saying, "Meow, meow!"

Then Kees fell asleep in the living room and stumbled to bed...like this...
He is such a great sleeper. Love that stumbly sleepy boy.

Day 211 (Monday 10-21):

 One of the best things about Gramee and Grampa's house, is the grabber. It's a wonderful invention and it's provided hours of fun!  Gramee gave Kees one of those sticky hand things. It got stuck on the ceiling and Kees had so much fun getting it down.

Got it!

And I did laundry...

So much laundry! I also prepped Kristee's cloth diapers. You're welcome, sister!

Doing laundry was so exciting and fun, so much so that Kees fell asleep...

Sleeping again.

We're Road Trippin' Pros!

Day 205 (Tuesday 10-15):

With official word from GoodSeed, it was finally time to plan our road trip.  We started out by planning our speaking engagement in Wisconsin (at Freedom Fellowship) and then planned around that.  It was fun getting some details ironed out. When it was all said and done, the trip was planned, we were leaving Oklahoma on the 7th of November and getting back to Oklahoma around the 15th of December.

Leave Oklahoma, drive to Knoxville, stay a night in a hotel, then visit my cousin Matt and his family in Virginia.  Then Pittsuburgh, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, and all those states in between. Whew!

Doug was on the phone setting things up and I was emailing people and organizing.

The calendar!  My palette.

After a morning of planning, we headed to Paden to my parent's place. On the way, we got our first Chick fil a! (I think it was our first since we got back, but my memory isn't the best, so if I'm lying...my apologies).  I had a chicken wrap.  I'm not wild about cold sandwichy things, but the avocado lime ranch dressing was Uh-mazing!
With dressing this good, I might actually eat a salad....some day.

I'm THAT mom, I kind of drive Doug nuts, but I always have juice and snacks when we get in the car, even if it's just an hour trip.

Birds flying South.

Gramee bought the kids those magic ink coloring books. They were so excited and HAD to show Mamaw.

Grampa showing the kids his indoor putting practice thingy.

Crushing cans

Apparently he found some tools and Grampa doesn't say no.

Both of my kids at one point or another have been obsessed with Grampa's side table. "No, no KORA!"

Who, me?

Grampa had some leftover cake from his pastor appreciation party.  Kora approves.

Kees was busy for quite some time coloring in his new book.

Fake teeth

I have to thank Jessica Fowler for this one. I was out of hummus and kind of forgot, but thanks to the world of facebook and her willingness to share about the amazingness of red pepper hummus, I was reminded I needed hummus and bought this!

Gramee also bought Kees some powdered donuts.

My parents were going to be leaving on Thursday, so I was in training to take care of Mamaw while they were away.

Day 206 (Wednesday 10-16):
lunch, sonic, road rip up

Kora NEEDED to sit with Grampa so she had easy access to his sweet tea.  He obliges her.

I went to Sonic to buy Mamaw's sonic coke and both of my kids fell asleep on the 10 minute ride to town.

He's out.

Sonic!  I'm pretty sure this was the day Mamaw got upset and thought I took her van without asking. I was driving our van to get her Sonic.  Glad my mom was there to clear that up because I don't want any marks against me. :)

After church, Kees decided he wanted to rip his roads up off the floor.  That's his favorite part about this!

Just a little stuck.

And now to sweep up.

Day 207 (Thursday 10-17):
parents to Branson, kids to farm (mamaw to walmart)

This is the day everyone left and I took over care of Mamaw.  My parents headed to Branson on vacation and Doug took our kids to his Grandma's farm.  My parents were gone a week, but Doug was only gone for a couple of nights.  While he was gone, Mamaw asked me if I get to see my kids very often.  Her memory has gotten so bad and I guess she was confused about why I was there with her and my kids weren't.  She also asked me what I knew about their past and what their parents were like....hmmm...

Checking out the toys at the farm.

On the tractor with Grandpa Boo

Some sort of critters.

Giant stick

Loving the outdoors


I'm wondering why Kees is pulling on his pants, guessing he got dirt in his shoe or some similar frustration.

Showing Grandpa Boo something.

I was really sad I wasn't able to go to the farm this time, until I saw this picture.

So with everyone gone, I decided to brave a trip to Walmart with Mamaw so she could pick what groceries she wanted. I also had a list and money my mom had sent me with. We were in the store 5 minutes, and Mamaw said, "We've been in here a while, I guess you're ready to leave." I had to remind her several times that we both had lists we were shopping from.  This day was a little overwhelming for me and I quickly began appreciating a little more how much work it is to care for an adult. I've done small kids, but adults are tricky because they know they used to be able to do certain things and it's hard to understand why they still can't. Mamaw threatens at least once a week that she's going to drive.

Day 208 (Friday 10-18):
blogging, mamaw to hair salon, doug and kids coming back, break down, more blogging

Thursday evening when I was saying good night to Mamaw, she told me she had a hair appointment. Keep in mind, Mamaw's memory is leaving rapidly, so not reliable. I just said, "oh, okay, my parents didn't mention it, but I'll check with them." And wouldn't you know, she remembered and THEY forgot. Glad I checked!  I blogged a little that morning, then took Mamaw to get her hair done and her Sonic drink and chicken. Every day I drove her to Sonic she ordered a chicken dinner plus extra chicken strips. So funny. But she ate about every two hours, and almost every time she was eating she'd say, "I am so hungry, I don't think I've had anything to eat today."  She had in fact eaten 3 times already, but she felt hungry and I went with it. She had lost 10 pounds previously and the doctor had prescribed something for her appetite, so I was happy to help her, not only put back those 10 pounds, but 4 extra! I'm the BEST nurse ever! (Not really, but you'll get all those details as you continue reading in the days to come).

Doug planned to surprise me and come back early. He left the farm Friday evening, but ended up having car trouble and got stuck staying in a hotel about an hour and a half a way. So, so sad!!!  I would have loved THAT surprise.

Doug...what is Kora doing?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Boomer Sooner Anyway!

Day 202 (Saturday 10-12):

We got to watch the OU/Texas game with family this year, which was exciting. The food was good, but we lost.  And by we, I mean OU.  So, congrats to my Texas family, your team one this time!  Good game.
Kora thinks the Putnam place is her personal paradise. Lots of fun toys.

She loved this stuffed doggy.

Kees also thinks he is in his own personal paradise, but for a different reason, lots of fun spooky Halloween stuff.

Jacob scaring me.

Outside, great weather in October in Oklahoma.

He did not want his picture taken. I had to chase him.

This picture sums up Claire and Kees pretty well. Kees standing in the Putnam's yard telling her she has crossed the boundary and needs to return. The fences got blown over in the tornado last May.


Kees trying the mask out.

Kees put the mask over the eyes on a toy plane, I thought it looked pretty cool, but I'm easily impressed.

Love that silly girl.

I have a picture from this day, with Grandma Sheryl asleep on the couch, I'm choosing not to share it...this time. :)

Day 203 (Sunday 10-13):

We were able to go to Elevate church in OKC again.  We really like it there, but we like every church we visit, so we're not hard to please. :)
Apparently I forgot the crayons, so Kees used my pen.

After church, we finally went to Alfredo's.  It's a Mexican place in Moore.  It was the place I chose to eat for my last meal before I was supposed to be induced to have Kees. I also had Doug pick it up for me when I was in labor with Kora.  I don't think I was supposed to be eating, but I was hungry and I had no way of knowing how long it would be before I had her. I had Mexican for lunch and Kora was born around dinner time....you do the math. :)  Anyway, Alfredo's has the best Agave Limeade, not that I've had that drink anywhere else, but it's a MUST when you if/when you go there.  The food's great too and they do the tiny sopapillas for kids.
This girl loves tortillas.


With the boy

After lunch, we picked Grandma Sheryl up and went to the Science Museum.  We were so surprised, we ran into the Putnam kids when we were there. We had just seen them the day before, and had no idea we were both going to be there. We went to the planetarium show together and got to see some of the museum together. Such a fun surprise!!!

This was fascinating. (My ipod died shortly after we got to the Science Museum, and Doug didn't take many pics)

Checking it all out.

Sound or something.

In a tiny house

Kees refused to paint his face, but painted his hands.

I let the kids paint my face.

Kora loved this activity.

Playing in the water.

Happy face!

Look it's the Putnams!

Me and Madeline

At Red Lobster, Kora is eating some crab legs.

Nom, nom.

Day 204 (Monday 10-14):

Kees in silly pjs
I think Doug took this one, he doesn't remember and I wish I knew more about why Kees is making this face.