Friday, February 28, 2014

Let There Be Cake

Thursday (2-20-14):

While Kora was napping, I took the boy to Dollar Tree.

And since it was my last Thursday in Oklahoma City, I knew I HAD to have cake at the cake eater's club. We made it a family outing! AND we got Chipotle for dinner...yum! 

Kees fell asleep on the way to eat.

Because I hate being late, I allowed way too much time for dinner, and we were too early for cake eater's club. We decided to go to Toys R Us! 

It's like My Little Pony and a Troll decided to procreate...frightening.

This kid, makes me laugh every day!

Friday (2-21-14):

We had a nice Friday, the kids played, Kees worked on cutting and gluing, and Kora slept.

We hung out with Stephen and Randee one last time. We had Ted's (Mexican food). The kids played with T's toys.

Cajun, Chuck E., and Sheriff Doorman

Tuesday (2-18-14):

A day with Grandpa Boo, Ginny, and Gammy! We met for lunch at "The Cajun King"

Gammy is amazing! (Doug's paternal grandma, the farm is her place)

Kora put away some food. For real. She say with Grandpa Boo.

After lunch, Ginny and Gammy parted ways with us, so Grandpa Boo could get down to the serious business of spoiling: enter Chuck E. Cheese.

Kees had a police badge made at Chuck E. Cheese, he told me later that he was Sheriff Doorman. ;)

She was frightened by the giant animatronic mouse, are we surprised?

The myth, the mouse, the legend...

Can you tell Kees is not impressed by this car moving?

This is where they make a scratch of your photo, Kora was mesmerized! She loves drawing.

We had approximately 7 million tickets. If you think I'm exaggerating, you're wrong.

Our 7 million tickets, give or take, translated into 2 tiny packages of nerds.

This girl loves Grandpa Boo, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that he carries her around, gives candy liberally, and pushes her on the swing as long as she wants. ;)

When we got back to Grandpa's place, the dog jumped on Kees and knocked his tiny nerds right out of his hand. There was a lot of crying. But Grandpa had ring pops.

On our way home (to Grandma's), we got sno cones and went to the car wash. Kees loves going through the car wash!

Kora tried my boots on and I did not get my camera out fast enough! :(

Watching various renditions of songs from Frozen.

Wednesday (2-19-14):

Kees and I did some school work, Doug took the kids to the park. He also spent most of the day reviewing one of GoodSeed's books on kindle for iPad to see if there were errors or formatting issues.

We also had to get the van worked on!

At one point, Doug was at the store, I asked him to buy hefty bags, in both sizes. I meant the slider (ziplock type) bags. He thought I meant trash bags. Whoops!

While Kora was napping, Kees and I played a dice game. We both rolled two dice, added our own totals and figured out who's set was higher.

He found a way to make it active. He ran behind the chair to roll his.

Late night ramen noodles. ;)