Friday, November 28, 2014

Flashback Friday: Reading Till You're Cross-eyed


I'm not a morning person, but mornings with this girl are always fun.  She loves reading, and being silly.  It's nice Kees sleeps later, and I get one on one time with this cute lady.

We had maintenance come and fix a few things around our apartment. The kids wanted to know all about what the guy was doing. They also performed for him, with their intsruments.

Kora testing the newly fixed closet door.

And then there's this...

My kids eat, all day, every day.

We went shopping at a couple of stores.  Kids just couldn't wait to eat the apples we bought at the first store, so we took them into Costco with us.  I had been sick for a few days, and finally felt well enough to go out, but may have overdone it a little.  I was so tired after this!

When we got done at the store, we picked Doug up from work.  We got home, and the kids were wound up.  Doug offered to take them swimming.  I hated that I didn't feel up to going, but it was so nice to have a couple hours of quiet.

When my kids get crazy, I have them sit and read for a bit.  They never complain, they like books!

Doug laughing at a text from his brother...

Kees hiked up his pants.  I told him it looked like capris, for some reason, he thinks ballerinas wear capris, and asked, "Are you saying I look like a batterina!?"

As they were leaving, Kees came right over to me.  I snapped this picture, right before he said, "You tell me I'm handsome!"

They have Christmas decorations at the Kroc, Doug took pictures of the kids checking out the tree.

I decided to make some truffles.  Yum!  I had some leftover homemade chocolate cream cheese frosting that I mixed with crushed up cookies, then I dipped them in melted butterscotch/chocolate chips.

Kees helped, obviously!

Kees took this picture of his work.  He was so proud.


Kora was supposed to be bringing Doug a diaper. She found my snow boots in the closet.  Hooray!

Kees took this one of Doug.

Doug roasting his own coffee beans.

Watching Perine break the record!  Boomer!

Pictures Kees took of the game...

Not sure why...

Making pumpkin truffles.  They turned out great too!  Cooking with Kora is QUITE an adventure.

Selfies! No make up, you've been warned...


We had our Souptacular at church on Sunday and I didn't get any pictures of the amazing food and festivity! :(

But I DID get this picture of Kees coloring a turkey!

Kora showing her baby the work she did in Sunday School.

Getting ready to head back to church.

Youth Group!

Who remembers my Facebook post about the kids cooking/roasting their babies?  Here's the pictures to go with that....


Coloring, Kora ended up with blue all around her mouth from one of the markers.

Kees got a hold of my camera...

Doug texted me and asked if we wanted to go to the budget movie after he got off work.  We went to see Box Trolls, it was weird.

Kora takes her shoes off, every time!  Trying to get a picture of Doug putting them back on her, but Kees jumped in there.

As soon as we got home from the movie, the kids got baths, and went to bed.  We knew we were having company on Tuesday morning, so I made sure they went to sleep!


I almost forgot to get pictures with our friends.  We were babysitting friends from church, and then my friend and her son came over too.  Then we all had lunch together.  So. Much. Fun.


Spending a little bit of time with Daddy before he headed back out to bible study.

And Kees got my camera again....and Kora took some too, it looks like.

By 7 pm, Kora was getting droopy-eyed, but she does her best to fight it.

I know she's tired when she starts whining ( a lot) and asking me to feed her.

Kora made this face to prove she wasn't sleepy, BIG eyes.

Kora rolling around in Doug's back pack.

I made a pecan pie. I also ran to the store during that quick window when Doug was home. Whew!

And before you know it, they're out!  Waiting for Doug to get home...


First, I'd just like to say that I swear I spent at least 3 hours of my day reading to Kora.  She is obsessed with books. I think the stork brought me my sister's kid by mistake.  Except she DOES look like me...

Kees played with Legos in the evening. Doug got to come home from work early, so that was awesome!



Thanksgiving day, hip, hip HOORAY!!

On our way to Paul and Renee's place.  We're so excited!!!

Kora found a comfy chair right away.

Look at that food set up!  There may have been an incident with a candle spilling wax everywhere.  Surprisingly, I wasn't to blame...this time.

Grandma Renee is feeding the book obsession.

We each had 5 candy corns on our plate.

Beautiful floral arrangement Megan made!

More reading...

Kora playing peek a boo with Dacia.

Megan had stuff to make headdresses, my kids eventually participated, but neither of them wore them for very long.

Rocking horse!  Kora got off the horse, and kept pushing it, one of the times it flung back and bonked her face. Whoops!  She didn't cry, she's a tough rodeo princess!

Kora loves these dogs.

AWESOME wooden Noah's ark, just below the scary bear.  I didn't get a picture of the scary bear, but it's stuffed and hanging on the wall.  My kids were intimidated by it.

At dinner we found out the candy corn was for putting in the bucket.  Each time you put one in, you said something you were thankful for. It is in remembrance of when the pilgrim's rations got down to 5 kernels of corn a day.  My kids ate theirs before they got the instructions, I didn't get a picture of Kees's face when he realized it was his turn, but this is the best I got.  His face was a mix of shock, embarrassment, and confusion.

My colorful yummy plate of food! Renee even made a Thai noodle dish just for us!  Last year at Thanksgiving we were on the road, unsure of when we'd be able to move to Idaho, or what to expect when we finally did get here.  I could not have predicted the amazing blessings God has given us.  We are not only here, but we have a great team to work with at GoodSeed, and the best church family that has accepted us warts and all. God is so, so, so GOOD!!!

Part way through the meal, Kora decided to go sit on the steps.  Her choice, I swear.

More toys, Kora found a crown!

Kora went outside to play with the dogs when she saw Christy (sp???) was out there.

If you've been on Facebook, you know, we're obsessed with Catan at our house, and this is where it all began. This is the first time Kees sat and watched the whole game. As soon as we got home, he started playing with a regular deck of cards, pretending it was Catan.  I went the next afternoon and bought a few things to make our own Settlers of Catan, and we've played multiple times a day ever since!

Rain dance.

My kids loved the pumpkin roll!

We got to hang out in Paul's man cave.  Paul let the kids have a pillow fight, and then they hid in the chest.

Kora brought some pumpkin roll home with her.  She smashed it all up, and still ate it.  Such a weirdo.