Monday, June 30, 2014

Manic Monday: Shaving Cream Paint

Week #5: Shaving Cream Paint

You will need:

Shaving Cream
Food Coloring
Paint Brushes

Another simple idea, but fun!  We used leftover icee cups, put a dollop of shaving cream (from Dollar Tree), then added drops of food coloring into each one. We also mixed colors.  Before it's all said and done, my kids will easily know the color combinations because we are ALWAYS mixing colors!  This was one of our more successful projects, they were engaged in this activity for a long time, and that's what I like.  We used the paints in the bathtub, but you could use them on thick paper, like card stock or construction paper as well.  I also gave them sponges and had them clean the shaving cream off when they were done.  My kids love helping clean up and this is a way to let them take their time and have fun with it.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Flashback Friday: A Smidge of Summer, AT LAST

Okay, Idaho occasionally decides to be warm, not hot, but warm. And if you sit in the shade, it's actually cool.  It's strange. Does not feel like summer to this Oklahoma girl, but I'm appreciating it, for the most part.  Unfortunately, it rains a little more than I'd like.

Last week wasn't the best for doing outdoor activities, but Saturday was perfect. This week has been warm some days, and cool and rainy some too.

And, without further ado, here's our week in review:


I love impromptu learning activities.  I cut up a couple of cereal boxes and showed Kees some matching letters and sounds.  We talked about "ch" in Chex, Chocolate, and Charms.  Don't judge our sugary cereal selections.  I got these for 50 cents a box since I've been couponing and using the Ibotta app, and Checkout 51 apps.

I had a top secret work meeting.  

Doug took the kids to the park, or tried to anyway.  Be sure and ask him about how it went!  Can you see Doug in is special sun protection skull cap.  It's gonna catch on, I just know it.

When Kora got back she "shared" her chips with me.

So, if you haven't noticed, Kora has had a major growth spurt.

She skipped a shoe size, and a lot of her clothes were too big, and then mysteriously too small.  She went from a size 5 to a size 7.  And I was at the shoe store not that long ago.  Thankfully, Payless was having the BOGO half off, and I was able to get all these shoes for $21.  Who remembers Kora's "Shoe-la-la" book.  She calls these her "Shoe-la-la" shoes.

Play place at the mall.  Idaho, seriously, it's June, get warm and stay warm. Pretty please.

I needed these brownies.  NEEDED I tell you.

Family game night!

Playing "Toss Up", if you don't know about this game, it's fun, easy, and very compact. Great to throw in your purse and play in waiting rooms or at restaurants if you're trying to avoid being sucked into your devices all the time.  You can buy it from Amazon here.  It's cheaper at Walmart, last time I checked. They sell it near the card games.  Another good one is "Pass the Pigs".  On Amazon here.  Not sure if they have this one at Walmart, but I think I've seen it at Target.

Kora stuffed a ton of dice in her pajama top.

Then she shoved them up her pant leg.


We went for a boat tour on the lake.  The weather was perfect, thank you Idaho, keep up the good work.  
I was so worried about Kora lunging to her death, that her licking the pole under our table seemed harmless.  I did stop her, but I not before she got a nice long lick in.


We went to church, ate lunch, then Kora and I took a nap.  Good day in my book!


Kora is working on her coupons.

Kees also got a hold of markers and somehow got it on his face.  Looks like war paint!

Kora never stays busy with one thing for very long, so while she was waiting for Kees to finish his bath, she just hung out with her cat puppet.

Far past due for a hair cut.

Found a great deal on coconut water for the kids, hooray!

This lasted maybe 20 seconds, it's a miracle I got this picture!

Gak, before they put it in their sandbox on the balcony.  Yuck!

After 3 hours of "cleaning" their room, which was not very messy at all. We finally went to play outside while we waited for Doug to get home.

Doug made us yummy fried rice for dinner, and took us to the park.

I told Kora if she wanted to gather pine cones, she had to carry them.  Kees was so sweet, and offered to carry them for her.


We had a wonderful day on Tuesday, but I didn't take any pictures until dinner, and then I snapped this shot of Kora eating leftover fried rice. Doug was assisting with a bible study, so it was great to have this rice on hand to warm up.  Just as good the second day.

Earlier in the day, we went to prayer meeting at the office, had lunch with our new (and fabulous co-workers). We even got to meet their family. There was about an hour between the two, so I took the kids to the McDonald's play place, darn rain.  At least there are alternatives, and at McDonald's I get to drink a sweet tea while they play.


Painting the bathtub walls.  This was when Kees told me it was the best day ever because the walls looked like candy. 


Got the magnet board out.  Kees lined up all the shapes, then he sorted them.

Kora loves playing with the felt board pieces.  Love how inexpensive this was to make and so, so fun! Maybe I'll post about this activity for our next Manic Monday post.  

Kees put two markers together to make a pointer and then he explained what pattern he had made.

This pattern was right to left, blue, yellow, pink, purple. Then it repeated. Kora learns so much from Kees.  He's a great brother.

Now they are divided by color.  After this he matched the words with the colors.  (Like the word Yellow, that is written out)

Getting ready to go shopping.  I was putting my make up on and the kids covered their babies in lip gloss.  It's all fun and games, until Kora puts a giant pink glob of gloss on the carpet and rubs it in.  That was fun to clean.

After shopping, we unloaded our stuff, ate some dinner, and then went over to the play place at the Kroc center.  

Back at our place, Kees figured out how to climb on top of this sign.  He said he's the king.

Kora managed to walk across the top, but I held her hand, just to be safe.

And the sprinklers turned on, just in time for Kora to discover them as I was rounding the corner.  Kees was already upstairs.  As he was waving down to us, he saw Kora was wet and wanted to come play too.  Keep in mind it is COLD here, not sprinkler playing weather.  Of course I said yes, but I only let them play for five minutes or so.  The look on Kees's face as he ran down the stairs was worth the mess!

He put his bum right over the sprinkler, he's hilarious.

Good idea Kora! This was fun!

If found macaroni and cheese on sale, we ate that for dinner.  Kora had 3 helpings, the third one ended up on the floor, so she technically had 4 servings, but ate 3.  No wonder she's growing like crazy!