Saturday, September 28, 2013

Puke Fest

Day 175 (Sunday 9-15):

Well the day started out normally. Church, lunch, took Mamaw to Sonic, then laid down for a nap.
I was ready early!
Pretty baby.
Eating malt ball
Coloring, he loves to color at church.
I think he's worn this shirt to church almost every week...whoops.
On our way to Sonic, the best part about this picture is Kora peeking over my seat. Love that lady.

Kees's picture face, tongue out.

My dad moved the carseats over to the van and I assumed he'd brought the keys out, he had to run back in and get them for me.  Sorry! ;)
Mamaw checking on the kiddos.
At church time (in the evening), Kora was still asleep and I was feeling weird, not too terribly sick, but off.  Kora woke up with about 15 minutes left of church, so I was able to take both kids over and attend a meeting after church.  Came home, ate dinner, and by 10 o'clock,  I was puking and woke up every hour all night.  Why, oh why?  And what's worse...Doug was still in OKC and both kids were in the same room as me. All I can say at this point is....we survived, but barely.

Right before bed.
Day 176 (Monday 9-16):

After a Terrible night, with a capitol T, my dad ended up having to sit with Kora while I tried to rest.  I woke her up one of the many times I was sick.  He took a few pictures of her for me...
Watching cartoons
Zonked out! (Dad, can you resend me this one...)
Around 11, Doug picked us up and took us back to Grandma's place in OKC.  I slept and slept.  I was so thankful to be back with Doug and that I was able to rest.

New Cousins

Day 173 (Friday 9-13):

Doug went to the fair in OKC (and dropped our van off to get worked on), and I chose to go to Webbers Falls to meet the new additions to the Ravan family.  I took our kiddos with me. We played outside in the morning, organized some of our stuff, packed up and headed out.
This boy has always loved shoes.
All lined up
I had this great idea to put all the toys in an action packer in my parent's living room.  Didn't consider the fact that the kids would climb on top of it, which gave them easy access to the M & Ms.
The drive is a little over an hour, and both kids slept.  I drove past Webbers Falls to Gore to get diapers at Dollar General, then we finally made it to the Ravan place.
Kora's "helping" with my bags.
The kids were coming around 4:30, so Gramee and I took the other kids to the playground. We decided to stay there until we got the call that the new little ones had been dropped off. They were a little later than expected, so I ended up taking my kids to Burger King to get food. We brought it back to the playground and by then it was time to head back and meet the kids.  It was such an exciting day.  Hard to describe how it feels to be part of such a special day, so glad to be included.

So excited!

They are checking out the spider that was on the slide, do you see it?  It sort of looks like it's on my mom's shirt, on the left side.
They're waiting for the spider situation to be taken care of.
How is she this big?
Deanna was great, she took Kora down the slide so many times.

She's excited about it!

Love her smile.
Kees was concerned about why this hole was here. He told us it was dangerous and a kid might fall through!

We also saw this guy!

They loved this!


Deanna pushed Kora

Helping her get out.

Kora is holding up 3 fingers, for 3 kids.

Just hanging out.

Baby girl

Getting to know her

Baby boy
Kora is saying hello

This boy loves to eat
Baby food!

She likes it.
Kora making herself at home in Deanna's room.
Climbing the bunk beds.

Sporting some glasses.
When Kees was a baby we used these bottles. They were still in my parents garage, guess what type of bottles the baby came with??? Crazy, but cool!
Bottle time

Jason with baby girl.
I guess they're gonna need a baby gate...
He's so much fun!
Gramee reading to the boys.
He kept asking for more food.

Looks like Kora is gonna slam that down on him...

Teaching the kids about playing ghost with Gramee

Day 174 (Saturday 9-14):

Good Morning!
She's laughing
Baby girl getting a morning bottle and everyone is checking it out.

She's so sweet.

Playing with Deanna

Should I be concerned that Kees looks like he has toothpicks for limbs?
Playing with Jason

After lunch, and watching part of the OU game (that my dad was in attendance for), Gramee, the kids and I headed back. I was planning on dropping her off in Paden and then meeting Doug at his Dad's house in OKC to visit with them and go to their church. We ended up having one of our tires get thread bare on the way. We were about 10 miles or so outside of Henryetta (that's where I graduated high school), when we noticed and by we, I mean my mom noticed. Both kids were asleep. We called my dad (who was at the OU game) and his friend Jim called his old neighbor to come help us at Braum's, where I had already arranged to meet my friend Rachael to catch up.  I feel so bad that we were kind of stressed and ended up having her attempt to help us change the tire.  She was prepared with an air pump in her car. So funny!  Love her!
These blocks got played with a lot.
Kora is saying, "TOUCHDOWN!"
Kora is trying to help feed the baby.
Chocolate ice cream at Braum's!

The only picture I got of Rachael...I'm kicking myself for this.

We had to run in to use the bathroom.  Kees is terrified of automatic toilets, so I have to cover up the sensor, then he leaves the stall before I move my hand.

Kora drinking some of my limeade.
They got the donut put on the car, we drove slow all the way to Paden and then I was somewhat stranded for the weekend.  So sad! I was already missing Doug, but one good thing about being stranded in Paden is getting to go to church there!  So I was happy for that. ;)

Yep, we tried those markers again...why?!?
More coloring.
Yep, she's crazy.

That shovel seems big.

Searching for Gramee's missing charger cord, we found it.
Crushing cans, Kees is obsessed! He harasses us if he sees us drinking a soda, and wants to crush our cans immediately.
Bath time
Books with Gramee

Eating cereal
Why, Kora, why?