Monday, April 28, 2014

Banana Head

Wednesday (3-5-14):

To review, since it has been a while. At this time, in history, Doug had already left for Idaho, and was still en route. This was the second day of his travels and our second day away from him.

We had oatmeal for breakfast.  These kids love oatmeal.

Stickers and coloring books, looks like I was possibly packing a little as well, my suitcase is on the couch!

Kees was in time out, can't remember what for, and Kora really wanted to come check on him.

This play dough in the hair should have been a good warning of things to come.

One great thing about being with your kids all the time, is all the wonderful snuggles!

Kora loves make up. If I'm putting make up on, she always wants to put some on too.


I had leftover sweet potato tots, so I microwaved them, smashed them and added some brown sugar. Delicious.

And here's the banana head, and the aftermath.
Kora is getting a little more into cars lately, good thing, since Kees has always been obsessed.

Grampa took the kids outside to refill the bird feeder.

Gramee collects bears AND she shares!

Our last week at Gramee's was full of reading, reading, reading.

Watching for Grampa to come home from work (the church).

Kora found Mamaw's picture book. It has pictures of all of Mamaw's kids and grandkids, plus labels with their names for her to review. Kora liked it!

Almost time for church, here's a few pics of the kids playing.

I put my hair in pigtails, hoping it would make Kora want to wear hers that way. It worked long enough to get the pigtails put in, but then she took them out about 2 minutes later. At least I tried.

Kees is still a little leary of going to class on his own. So I took both kids to Awana, which is fine because Kora isn't old enough anyway, so I'd need to be in there to watch her.  He was not thrilled, can you tell.

Kees won't participate and Kora thinks she's a teacher. Not sure why I didn't just stay home, we're a mess.
They did the pledge, like 20 minutes earlier. Kees was already grumpy and when I insisted he put his hand over his heart, he kept it up there for quite some time.  Again, why did I bring these kids in public?!

He finally relaxed a little...yay!

He does love the snacks at Awana!

Thursday (3-6-14):

This will be the day, known in history as "No Nap Day".  I've finally stopped crying about this....I'm joking, to my recollection I did not cry about the lack of napping that happened on this day, but it's been a while.

Kora woke up first and Kees slept LATE. So we got some "Mommy and Me" time.  It's awesome how different our kids are when you get them alone, so sweet and mellow...mostly.

When Kees woke up, he joined right in the fun.

To be clear, Kees was no where near her stickers. He walked by her (like 5 feet away still), to go to the bathroom. And she said, "No! My!"  (She doesn't quite get the ending on "mine" yet).

Reading with Gramee

Wish I remembered what they were doing in this one...the problem with waiting 6 weeks to write this...

We drove into town to the grocery store, we borrowed Mamaw's van. We were getting ready for Aunt Kristee and Deanna to show up.

They wanted to help push the cart.  (We've lived in our own place for about 6 weeks now and I almost never take these kids to the store anymore, I just wait till Doug gets home so I can go alone).
Here are the photos from the failed nap attempt. I think they were just too excited about our company coming.
I was a little frustrated about the lack of nap, Gramee helped by reading to the kids.

The kids put a rope from the chair over to the trash can, then climbed over and under it.

If I remember correctly this is from the Women's bible study.  Kristee went with me, and we had such a nice visit with Abbie.  It was kind of more of a planning meeting, but it was my last chance to go, so I wanted to visit with my friends one last time.