Friday, October 31, 2014

Flashback Friday: Geriatric Pumpkin


I spend ALL day Thursday cooking and baking for a couple of funerals, and getting ready to host a bible study at our place. And then took the kids to a surprise party.  Since I was busy with all that work, the kids were getting ready for a party too.  I never slowed down long enough to go to the party they were throwing, so they sat it all back up and I got to enjoy a surprise party for Bunny and Marvel (the duck).

They made radish soup, potato soup, rice krispies, pizza, and I can't remember what else. But there was quite a variety.  At the end of the party, Kees had Kora finish every last dish they had made.  They are so silly.

Kora climbed on top of me and sat on my shoulder.

Fixing the car.

When Doug got home, Kees wanted to read him a book. He has two books from his kit that he can read now.  He loves it! (There's a video on facebook if you want to hear him read!)

While Kees was reading, Kora was pretending to be a pillow monster.

More reading.


We babysat on Saturday for some friends who were going to a funeral out of town.  They were coming over around 8. So I was actually up by 7:30 and vacuuming.  I think pigs are flying somewhere, they must be!

Well, the pumpkin is not long for this world...

Our pumpkin got moldy so fast.  Looks like he took his dentures out.  It's our geriatric pumpkin.

He even has gray hair.

We had the kids up, fed and ready to play.  They were watching football with Daddy while we waited for our friends to come over.

I was watching for them....and look how beautiful it is out my window!

Louise asked me how OU played, and when I said there wasn't a game, she asked if we were just wearing our OU gear to rub it in, that OU beat Texas (they're Texas fans).  Nope, Saturday is OU uniform day.  We had to change before Harvest party to make sure we were plenty warm.

We played a matching game.

 I took all the kids out to play for a while.  We had a blast!

Give me back my slinky!!!!!

These two together, crack me up.  They are Trouble, with a capitol T, but cute as can be.

At the Harvest party, our kids had fun playing all the games that were set up.  I missed the human foosball because I was working on a covert project.  So sad!

Hay Ride! Gorgeous views, staring with my kids, and then mountains.

A couple of minutes after we started the ride, Kora gave me two thumbs up!

 We don't have rain boots. I improvised. Doug made fun of me. But I stand by this choice. They were both dressed as Napolean Dynamite for Halloween. ;)

Paul offered to help Hunter off the hayride.  He declined, and Kora went right over, so he could help her down.

Doug and Kees heading to the pumpkin patch to look at all the pumpkins.

I had to go back to our van to get something.  I took Kora with me and we raced!

Doug got to help judge the pumpkin dessert contest. He was in HEAVEN.

Kora loved this scarecrow!

PiƱata time!

Doug, NO!  Don't make yourself sick!

We got to visit the kitties after the party.  Kora had so much fun.  I was a little concerned that she was being too rough.


Doug and I are filling in, teaching the youth, for a while.  We had one AMAZING student for our first official week. We had fun stretching this scroll out to see how long it was.  CRAZY.  The visual aids were so cool to have!  We had 2 for this lesson, dinosaur 3-D puzzles, and this scroll.

Kees got a little antsy towards the end of church.  So funny.

On the way to church, Doug and I were reminiscing about Little Ceaser's pan-pan pizza.  So we got a deep dish on the way home and made an indoor picnic.  I love pizza and picnics!  Great combo!

Youth group, Sunday night. This was cool, they had all the books of the New Testament and had to stack them like a pyramid, in order.

When we got home, we had fun with our Halloween candy. sorting, counting, sequencing, and then shopping for what we wanted.

Sharing their candy with Daddy.


Still on our picnic theme.

We decided to read while the kids finished eating.  We alternated between a couple of anthology type books.

Making snow angels

Our books for the afternoon

Taking their babies to various hospital rooms

I decided we should take a nap.  The kids wanted to bring the batman blanket.


I was going to a wedding shower Monday night.  Doug called me at 4:30, as I was waking up from our nap, to let me know he invited the guys over to watch the game at 5:30.  So I threw together some snacks!  I was so sad to miss football!!!!  The (Dallas) Cowboys lost, so I guess I'll get over missing the game.


Kora had been a little aggressive this morning.  We ended up having a time out, and then reading together.  I was so impressed when she told me to find the purple car behind this green truck.  

After the time out, and reading snuggle time, the kids played so well together.  It was a mess, but they were getting along.  I'll take it.

This kid is still obsessed with football, it was the Cowboys vs. the Redskins, for several days.

Kora is always fashion forward with her accessories.  Love that girl!

Wearing Mommy's boots.

I put mousse in Kora's hair.  I've been having so much fun fixing her hair lately!!

Doug makes the best garlic fried rice, he loves us!

Doug is helping lead a bible study on Tuesday evenings.  His friend picks him up, so it's one of the few nights I have the van.  We were killing time, not wanting to leave before Doug.  There are SEVERAL incriminating photos from this night, I hope they never surface.

Ready to go shopping.  We went to a couple stores.  I let the kids pick something every time I take them into Dollar Tree, so they are always excited about that!  This night, Kora chose another bear, exactly the same as the one she chose last time, but a different shade of brown.  Kees chose a detective kit because it included a map.


We love playing in our jammies as long as possible.

Doug sent us a song on facebook, I wish I could find it now so you could hear it.  The kids loved it.  We listened over and over again, and danced!

Reading from one of our fairy tale books.

Kees has a dime, he took a picture of it...

Nap time again, some times you just need extra naps.

We started reading a chapter book together!

Kids love when Daddy gets home from work.

We played around with zombie make up, just for fun.

Kees decided he wanted to bead ALL of his sight words. We didn't finish all of them, but he did quite a few.


Carry over from the previous night.  I figured we should sort the beads to make it a little easier to find the letters we needed.

Doug came home, so we could take the van to Sandy's. He had a BIG package from Gramee and Grampa with lots of candy.

Doug got his special coffee container back.  He was so happy.

Driving Doug back to work, then on our way to Sandy's.

Beautiful tea party at Sandy's place!

Kids love going to Sandy's. She has a kid room full of fun books, toys, and games.  This time, she had GIANT coloring books, Hot Wheels, and Hello Kitty.  Kora loves reading.

Kora playing with my giant necklace.

We left Sandy's and had some time to kill before we went back to pick up Doug.  We went to Costco and ate tons of samples.  After a ton of walking, I sat down and tested the massage chair, and then a recliner.  Perfection.

My kids love "testing" the giant stuffies.

I found this cookbook at Costco.  Isn't it pretty?!  I didn't buy, because I can look recipes up online, but I love the cover on this one.

Writing something, can't remember exactly what.

And that was our week!