Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hangin' with the Putnams and Blogmania

Day Monday (12-30-13):

Sunday night, I had ANOTHER sinus headache, Doug took the kids over to Shevaun's so I could take a nap.  Awesome.  I felt better when I woke up and blogged, and made a plan to get all the blogging caught up by the new year. So, my basic plan Monday was to blog, Doug wanted to go back and hang out at the Putnams while they are out of school. Which is great because our kids love playing over there. So much fun.  I could have stayed home, but I seriously hate to miss a party and I didn't think Doug would get the pictures I wanted, so I blogged on their couch...ALL day long.  Still felt kind of anti-social, but it was nice to sort of be a part. And I did get pictures!!!


Making lunch bag puppets. Aunt Shevaun is the BEST!

Roar! He's making a lion.

He was so happy with the final project.

Claire made an elephant.



Claire just loves Kees. She kept hugging him, he eventually asked her to stop.

Settlers of Catan

Jacob won, I think.

Alex and Daisy

Um, why do I never look good with my hair in a pony tail. Shevaun looks awesome, not fair!

Watching Curious George


She was so tired.

Nigh, nigh



Day Tuesday (12-31-13):

Doug is sick, I'm blogging, our kids are being neglected, Happy New Year....soon. :)

Kora really needed mommy.

I had Kees bring me a Dr. Pepper and the laptop. He made it with the soda, but he was too worried the laptop would fall on his foot so Grandma got it for me...and I blogged while Kora napped on me.

DONE!!! See ya later 2013!!!!

Back to OKC

Day Thursday (12-26-13):

Gathering our stuff up, again, to head back to Grandma Sheryl's place.  But not before Kora convinced Grampa to watch Mickey's Christmas Carol one more time!

She knows she's cute. Right after Grampa said, "yes".

Doug's feeling worn out!

Movie with Grandma!

Snuggly girl

When Sheryl and I went to get BBQ for dinner, I noticed the van was leaking anti-freeze.  NO!!!

Day Friday (12-27-13):

We spent the day, hanging out at Grandma's while Doug tracked down a mechanic and had one come look at the van. Ended up needing a new radiator.  So upsetting!  But, I AM thankful that it didn't break until after our road trip and after Christmas.
She's such a morning person!

Nap time

Hangin out.
 We borrowed Grandma's car to go visit Lacee, Rob, and Cash, ever so briefly while they were in town. We also got to see Uncle Bill (formerly known as Tom).
Cash, Kora, Kees

This was the one we were going for, Kees and Cash are just a month a part. Cash was born in April, a month before Kees.  They'll be 5 in 2014...NOOOOO!  How is this happening?!?

T joined us.
Practicing sharing

Day Saturday (12-28-13):

Grandma took us to the park, Doug stayed home while the mechanic worked on our van.  He gave us an estimate the previous day, and we had him come back to fix it.  After the WINDY visit to the park, we went by Taco Bell and picked up some lunch.  

Holding hands!



Nap, nap!

Saturday night bath, getting ready for SUNDAY!

He asked for goldfish, then fell asleep.

Day Sunday (12-29-13):

 Kora loves sleeping with her monkey baby, but she WAS very sad that I had to turn it off because she wouldn't go to sleep. She was so happy in the morning when we turned it back on.

Can you figure out what I thought was AWESOME on this table?

Ear plugs, brilliant idea.

Almost time!

Kees loves Elevate church because they have a table of yummy breakfast foods. He picked chocolate donuts, love his face in this one!

He colored some trees.

Then he fell asleep.


He looks sleepy!